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  Debate commission chief: Candidates should fact-check each other(05:16)
  When citizens film police: Does anything change?(03:37)
  Lester Holt in spotlight as moderator of first debate(03:03)
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  Yahoo's data breach explained(02:23)
  Marriott completes merger with Starwood(03:24)
  Russell Simmons: Donald Trump is a white supremacist(05:04)
  Jeffrey Tambor: 'Transparent' speaks the truth(02:07)
  'Veep' creator: Politicians are providing fiction(03:56)
  Japan's opposition picks first female leader(02:38)
  Do debates affect a presidential race? Sometimes.(03:04)
  The 'white working class' explained(01:37)
  Yahoo confirms massive data breach(00:53)
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  How PacNet works(01:49)
  Review: 'Pitch' is a promising rookie this season (01:31)
  My father gave all his money to mail scams(03:03)
  Fatal shooting sparks protests in North Carolina(01:14)
  Watch the trailer for 'The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey'(03:09)
  Can women save Japan's economy?(00:57)
  Mylan CEO grilled by Congress over EpiPen price hikes(02:33)
  Brangelina: What's next?(02:15)
  'Lots of famous people' gather to support Clinton(01:14)

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