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  Uber and "Black Cab" drivers on ban decision(01:17)
  With an eye on sustainability, architects embrace timber(02:55)
  Stelvio: Alfa Romeo's impressive blast into SUV market(02:27)
  Workwear redefined by engineers(02:51)
  How Facebook plans to fight election interference(03:06)
  Help eradicate poverty, win concert tickets(03:04)
  Economic growth suffers when corruption flourishes(01:42)
  Hurricane Maria leaves trail of devastation(01:28)
  Meet Ireland's Trump betting expert(02:18)
  Jimmy Kimmel fires back at Sen. Cassidy(01:20)
  Ford designers test ideas with HoloLens 'mixed reality'(01:16)
  Bill & Melinda Gates: Keeping score of global goals(05:31)
  Why is health care in the U.S. so expensive?(02:15)
  Buffett: Dow will hit 1 million in 100 years(01:03)
  Jack Ma: 'We shouldn't fear AI'(01:34)
  Jack Ma: 'It's not made in China, it's made on the internet'(01:06)
  Tim Cook: Corporations should have values(02:16)
  Tim Cook on DACA: This is, 'are we human?'(02:29)
  Hurricane Maria pummels Puerto Rico(01:03)
  Sen. Cassidy defends health bill amid backlash(01:44)
  Kimmel: The senator lied to my face(01:06)
  Melinda Gates: Tax the rich to pay for services(01:23)
  Melinda Gates: I've experienced sexism 'all the way through' my career(:10:02)
  Bill O'Reilly defends himself in 'Today' interview (01:11)
  Melinda Gates: #1 thing Trump could do is 'fund things for women'(06:24)
  Why was it so easy for the Russians to buy ads on Facebook?(02:26)
  What Melinda Gates told Ivanka Trump about paid leave(04:15)
  Melinda Gates: 'Sad' and 'outraged' at Google engineer memo(04:21)
  NASA watches Hurricane Maria intensify from space(00:50)

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