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  How a 'Simpsons' character pushed Indian stereotypes(02:47)
  Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil(01:22)
  Saudi Aramco IPO: When, where and how much?(01:06)
  21st Century Fox shares surge on takeover talk(02:59)
  Robotic bee can jump off the surface of water(01:13)
  Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can backflip now(01:29)
  How Mugabe's land reform crippled the economy(02:09)
  Saudi central banker: Corruption crackdown will 'pay off'(03:14)
  Al Franken accused of groping, forced kiss(02:11)
  Tesla unveils a new electric semi-truck(01:20)
  Al Franken accuser blames our culture(01:24)
  House passes GOP tax bill, Senate plan unclear(01:42)
  'Rebel Girls' book gets sequel with crowdsourced stories (02:13)
  Larry Summers: GOP tax plan is a 'serious error'(04:24)
  Newly discovered exoplanet could support life(01:50)
  Bike sharing in China highlights hurdles of doing business(01:44)
  Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia's economic overhaul(01:10)
  Expanding India's access to dental care(02:54)
  What you need to know about the CFPB(01:50)
  Old Vic theater uncovers Kevin Spacey allegations(02:32)
   Moment Da Vinci painting sold for $450 million(01:58)
  Can tech bring jobs back to a factory town?(:17:33)
  WaPo: Two more women accuse Moore(01:15)
  This Colombian city wants to use libraries to reduce crime(03:01)
  Obama's US Trade Representative rebuffs Trump's claims(04:12)
  Total CEO: We are accustomed to geopolitical risk(02:09)
  Three simple ways to pay off credit card debt(00:46)
  Watch Fox News host contradict colleagues on Uranium One deal(02:06)
  Engineer dances onstage with robot he programmed(01:08)
  A mega-deal could change the toy industry(01:25)
  Watch CEOs cast doubt on tax reform's benefits(00:55)

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