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  Microsoft president: Businesses must calm tech fears(03:43)
  PwC's Robert Moritz: Global threats weigh on optimism (03:46)
  Martin Wolf on trade: 'U.S. could turn out to be quite irrelevant'(03:52)
  DJI unveils its latest drone(01:08)
  Trudeau: We need to hire, promote, retain more women(03:28)
  Stiglitz: Walmart raises are just 'gestures'(02:03)
  Creating a better capitalism that thinks long term(05:20)
  Magician or hacker?(05:17)
  Top executives in Davos love Trump tax cuts(05:15)
  Black unemployment at record low. Should Trump get credit?(02:47)
  Uber CEO: Leaks and press helped us improve(03:42)
  India's PM Modi defends globalization(01:46)
  KPMG chairman: Geopolitical risk is on everybody's mind(03:27)
  IMF chief economist: 'Effect of the tax cuts is coming now'(02:15)
  Urus is the first family-friendly Lamborghini(02:09)
  Amazon opens checkout-free store(00:57)
  Senate to vote on plan to reopen government(02:30)
  Russia wants its vodka back(03:56)
  Will Trump skip traditional Super Bowl interview?(02:10)
  Backlash over Trump supporter focus groups(08:10)
  April Ryan says the press is 'under attack'(04:42)
  Trump's impact: 'Shorter attention spans!'(06:21)
  Split-screen weekend: protests and shutdown(06:36)
  'SNL' mocks President Trump's physical exam(01:30)
  Arianna Huffington wants you to put down your phone(05:02)
  How Twitter defined the first year of Trump's presidency(03:40)
  Recycle 120 billion bottles? Coke wants to do it(03:59)
  Relive Trump's first year in two minutes(02:06)
  Do you have stock market FOMO?(01:54)
  Nintendo Labo: DIY cardboard kit brings gaming off-screen(01:05)
  What is an ICO?(02:24)
  American auto manufacturers bet on trucks(01:00)

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